F Scott Fitzgerald Modernism Analysis

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The XXth century in the USA is the remarkable period, not only economically, socially, culturally and spiritually. American literature grew up to a new level with the advent of such a flow as the Modernism. Modernism Literature reached its peak in America from the 1920s to the 1940s. F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most prominent representatives of this literature and entered Modernism in the United States above all as the first exponent of his ideas. In the works of Fitzgerald the topic “Lost generation” is in disastrous pursuit of wealth that swept the young post-war America.
The fact that Fitzgerald wrote about rich people and their lives is almost always present critical and sober look. Like a true artist, he was always very honest
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Scott Fitzgerald. In his novel, the author looked into the depths of the soul of each of his hero, to show the reader the essence of human motives and the motives of his actions, what motivates them, reasoned logic, and filled every move the character. He presented the true value of each. And at the same time as it was characteristic of modernism, the author does not mention the positive and negative characters, it gives the opportunity to evaluate each character. In this case, actions and lifestyle of each character, the author makes see his…show more content…
Another way that helps to build the characterization of Nick is his goals in life as a regular person. After the ending of the World War I, Nick goes to East mostly for a change in his scenery to get away from the boring, monotonous life of the Midwest and to make a considerable amount of wealth. Nick Carraway, is also a very educated man who is not very satisfied with what he had in the Midwest, and wants more even though before going to live in the city, he retreats in the country side. It was mentioned above that the character of Nick Carraway is a very unique and extraordinary character. The thing that makes him stand out as he does, is the fact that he has passions yet he does not give in to the sparks of the life styles of socialites. This spark is the very same thing that builds their characters. Thus, after realization of the ugly truth about the socially higher ranked people about how shallow, selfish and uncaring he isolates himself from the social life. This isolation includes being isolated from Buchanans and Jordan Baker as
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