F Scott Fitzgerald's Comparison Of The Great Gatsby

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The aim of the present chapter is to provide background information about the chosen literary work and its author, as well as to present critical reviews on the novel. After having studied the author’s biography (2; 3), the analysis in the form of comparisons between the main characters, and the author himself are drawn in this chapter. Comparisons being made, various similarities between the lives of the main characters of “The Great Gatsby” and F. Scott Fitzgerald can be observed. Brief information about the 1920s as the period of time in which the novel was written as well as written about is presented to give a general impression about the life in America during the “Jazz Age”. 1.1. “THE GREAT GATSBY” AND F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (http://www.biography.com/people/f-scott-fitzgerald-9296261#the-great-gatsby-and-other-career-breakthoughs)…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 and it portrays the life of a group of characters living in America in the summer of 1922. The author discovers various themes that depict an image of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties relevant at that time, such as material excess, idealism, social disruption and the corruption of the American Dream. The events mainly take place in West Egg of Long Island, which is believed to be the newly rich part of the area, whereas the East Egg is said to be the home of the established wealthy upper class. The plot predominantly revolves around the young and prosperous millionaire Jay Gatsby, who is a rather mysterious gentleman, and his unrealistic and dreamy passion for his stunning long lost love Daisy
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