FC Barcelona Political Character Before The Francoist Regime

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FC Barcelona political character before the Francoist Regime: FC Barcelona’s political character did not start during the Francoist Regime; this relationship is attributed several years before the appearance of the regime and it is claimed that it occurred at the start of the 20th century. According to historian Ramon Spaaij FC Barcelona’s origin with separatism date back to 1910 when the club became the largest team in the region and they changed their official language to Catalan. This fact provides a view that the club FC Barcelona has been related to Catalan nationalism almost since its foundation . The club became an early symbol in the Catalan state in which their culture was represented as football was gaining popularity though the masses. Even though the previous source provides an exact date in which FC Barcelona was first politically related, the club website states that this relationship occurred during a period of time, from 1909 to 1919 where the club’s members rapidly increased. By analyzing the sources, it can be concluded that FC Barcelona’s political character was the result of a process during a period of time, not in a specific year, in which the change of the club’s official language and the members’ rapid growth contributed to the team’s view. FC Barcelona’s political significance did not stop there; it continued to grow during Primo de Rivera Regime (1919-1939). Sports analysts Vic Duke and Liz Crolley state that football was the only way of

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