FDR And The Jews: Holocaust Analysis

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To this day, the topic of FDR’s decision on whether bombing the concentration camps baffles the mind of many historians, and political researchers/investigators. Criticizing all the Questions and opinions, bias authors are coming from left and right when no one knows the whole story. Frequent questions such as; why didn’t he bomb them? What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do or not do in response to the Holocaust? Such questions as these are commonly known as the “Jewish question”. The two sources being used in this paper is FDR and the Jews by Breitman, Richard, and Allan J. Lichtman (2013) and Saving the Jews: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Holocaust by Robert N. Rosen (2006). The Origin of the first source is a book written By Richard Breitman…show more content…
Both of them worked together to write the book on FDR and the Jews on a challenging debate that remains over whether Franklin D. Roosevelt turned his back on the Jews of Hitler’s Nazi Germany or if it was just the way political influences, or world chaos that affected his decisions and times to act towards this genocide. FDR and the Jews exposes a concerned leader whose determinations on behalf of Jews were far greater than the people of the world would have ever believed to be or expected, but whose noble governance was strengthened by the political representativeness of the great depression and the war during the time. Most people have believed that FDR had decided to not help the Jews at all, given the many opportunities, ideas, and opinions by the people and his colleagues. The purpose of this book was to show that FDR did indeed put the domestic political issues, such as the great depression, ahead of rescuing the Jews. Proving with facts that He indeed did far more than any other countries would have on the subject of protecting the Jews from facing death in the Nazi controlled countries and the genocide occurring in their death…show more content…
Roosevelt and the Holocaust and Robert N. Rosen. Rosen is a lawyer who is an M.A. in history from Harvard. The purpose of this book is to undertake the task of defending Franklin D. Roosevelt, his direction to the Jewish community against charges of irrelevance to, and moral complicity in the German Holocaust. The values in Rosen’s work is that he also presents a convincing legal argument and organizes his evidence truthfully, while arguing vigorously. He delivers an unqualified judgement: far from being indifferent. Acting on limited knowledge and within very tight practical constraints. Most of the book is an investigation of the American immigration laws, which also prevented Roosevelt from managing and admitting significant number of Jewish refugees before the war broke out and those trying to escape Nazi Germany, it became practically impossible. Rosen repeatedly argues in the book that FDR’s hand were tied, and as much as he wanted to, he simply couldn’t override laws in order to save more Jews. The limitations in Rosen’s work is that he stays on the defending side of Roosevelt, and states why he has been defending him throughout his book, but it does not show the cons to what, if he indeed, did do something wrong in his decision. It doesn’t have much history on who FDR really is, but has a brief intro on who he was and what roles he played during his
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