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There are many positive attributes and assets that I possess. One of them is I am hard working; this will help our FFA chapter because I will venture to make a better and stronger chapter. Another positive attribute is I am reliable; I will strive to be at all of the meetings and activities that the chapter will bestow upon me. Last of all, I am a leader because I am passionate about the things I do while being open minded to the opinions of others. The FFA Chapter has many activities for members to participate in. One of the FFA activities that I participated in is the Troy FFA Greenhand initiation. This activity gave us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and meet new people. One of the stations we went through gave us an opportunity…show more content…
On this day, participants judged a number of livestock such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats. The fruit cases that I have sold is 14 ¾, totaling $404. Among the activities I participated in this year so far, the one that I inspired me was the Greenhand Initiation. At this activity, I learned that teamwork is essential in task like throwing a water balloon to your partner and trying not to let it burst apart. My work ethic and determination would make me a good candidate for the Freshmen FFA Committee. A plan that I would propose would be partnering very active members with those less involved to build confidence over insecurity. I would describe the organization by saying it is not just for people that are farmers or live on a farm. FFA is an organization that gets you involved to meet new people. FFA activities build character and leadership qualities for life. In the four years of being an FFA member, I would like to become a leader that members respect. As of now, a contest team that I’m leaning towards is the Dairy Foods Team. For people like me that have slight milk intolerance, I would like to explore how the dairy industry is confronting the growing problem of allergies in our

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