FL Griz-Personal Narrative

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Growing up in South Carolina it was very adventurous. A warm night on October 03 2000 in West Palm Beach, FL Griz was born. I was born in JFK Hospital. But as soon as I born I moved to Dale, SC. All throughout elementary and middle school, I was called Dequan. But when high school started I was called Griz. My pops is a Chef in Florida. After high school, he went to a collinear art school to be a chef. My mother is Nurse at the Bluffton dialysis. After high school, she went to college at the trident university to be a nurse. My mother and pops met and high school and until senior year. I am the oldest out of all my siblings, but I had a sibling that passed away when I was younger. I have 3 siblings. I have two brothers named Aj and tiger and
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