FMA Meeting Summary

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Donna Meader and I met with Lois Ryan, Allison Conklin, and Kim Warren on 3/17/16 from 10:30 to 11:30 regarding Jackie Watson’s FMLA. The meeting was scheduled by Chris Flyntz specifically to inquire about what options Chris has as a supervisor and what choices the agency has as a whole in regards to Jackie Watson’s continued absence from work. To begin the meeting, Chris provided each attendee with a copy of a calendar which is used as a tracking device for Jackie’s FMLA hours as well as non-FMLA hours. The calendar presented recorded Jackie’s absences from April 13, 2015 to current (FMLA hours were typed in, while non-FMLA hours were hand written in). It was noted that Jackie’s current FMLA paperwork received from her doctor indicates that she may need to miss work intermittently 1-2 times per month with each episode. The calendar distributed reflected that Jackie has routinely been out of the office for FMLA leave way beyond the time reflected on her FMLA paperwork. Chris indicated that Jackie has been out of the office a great deal of time recently and this time of year there is a very heavy…show more content…
Their complaints are that when Jackie has a coughing spell, she is so loud and disruptive that they can’t hear what incoming callers are saying on the phone (including callers into the SMART call center). In fact, incoming callers have brought it to their attention that they can hear Jackie over the phone. On 3/14/16, Chris spoke to Jackie about the complaints she had received and asked Jackie if she could leave her desk whenever she has an attack because it is disruptive to those around her. Jackie immediately got upset, began crying and saying that everyone was picking on her and that she wouldn’t be able to leave her desk when she has a coughing spell because when she is coughing she is too short of breath to
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