FOCUS Board Case Study

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Kimberley Ehrlich is parent of a 2nd grader in the FOCUS program and is the co-chair. The FOCUS Board and parents feel that there was not a due process and the notice was submitted as a done deal. They would like to find a favorable outcome for all parties involved. They feel they have reached an impasse. They are requesting a stay of the phasing out of the program, reinstatement of the focus page on the district website, allowing the program to market and hold their mandatory information meeting on 2/18.

Bob Ehrlich is a San Ramon resident and has been pleased with the services the district has provided, especially the quality of the teachers. The first priority of the Board is the safety of the students and the second is the keep
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She feels that FOCUS program builds community. She shared information about the FOCUS program. Ms. Spiros asked that the FOCUS program be placed on the next Board agenda where they can have a fair, transparent and public discussion.

Ed Lee spoke about equity as it relates to the FOCUS program. The District has stated that donations made by FOCUS families create an environment that is not equitable to the rest of the school and FOCUS provides an enhanced level of service not offered to other classes on campus. Mr. Lee shared information on section 58-500 of the California Education Code and believes that the FOCUS program falls within this category. He states that the program gives more to the school than it receives.

Jenyth Utchen is a District coach, teacher, community member, employee and parent. She thanked the teachers for their time and commitment to her daughters. She stated that teachers are going to be recruited away and morale is
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She shared that classified staff have not felt supported, but things are improving. Ms. Castelluccio reminded everyone that she has 90 job classifications and over 1000 employees. She will be meeting regularly with HR Director Nancy Gamache. They have identified the need for classified orientations which have not been done in some time. Ms. Castelluccio reminded everyone that SRVEA and CSEA employees work together as a team. CSEA supports SRVEA in their fight to negotiate salary increases for all employees.

SRVEA President Ann Katzburg thanked everyone for their attendance at the meeting and the rally. She stated there has been movement with negotiations and she is optimistic. Salaries have not been restored to the buying power prior to the recession and we need to give all employees an ongoing salary increase to restore their income and offset the burden they bare by working in a community that stretches their pay check.

Persis Shirazi student Board member from Dougherty Valley High School, shared information regarding current events taking place at local high

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