Face Identification System

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Today, world security standards in crowded areas like airports, metro, shopping malls have been highly increased. One way for avoiding threats is to deploy automated system to detect and recognize people from the image stream. This requires finding the face and applying face recognition on it. Human face is a rich and powerful source of communicative information about human behavior. Facial expression provides sensitive cues about emotional response and plays a major role in human interaction and nonverbal communication. It can complement verbal communication, or can convey complete thoughts by itself. It displays emotion regulates social behavior, signals communicative intent, is computationally related to speech production, and may reveal…show more content…
Based on normalized face image and facial feature locations derived from previous stages, a feature vector is generated from given face and compared with a database of known faces. If a close match is found, the algorithm returns the associated identity. A main problem in face identification is the large differences between face images from the same person as compared to those from different persons. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable face classification technique that can provide a good separate ability between different persons. Face identification has a wide range of applications. Because it offers a non-intrusive way for human identification, the face is used as an important biometric in security applications .Recently, face recognition has received wide interest in number of countries are integrating facial information into electronic passport and to other biometrics (fingerprints and iris) [9]. In addition to security and law enforcement, face recognition is also applied in entertainment and consumer electronics as a means for a natural user interface. By recognizing the existence of the user and his identity, consumer devices can offer customized services, thereby creating an enhanced user experience. To achieve high-performance face recognition system, each processing stage in the system has to be designed to satisfy application requirements [10]. Face recognition involves comparing an image with a database of stored faces to identify individual in input image. The related task of face detection has direct relevance to face recognition because images must be analyzed and faces identified, before they can be recognized. Detecting faces in an image can help to focus the computational resources of the face recognition system, optimizing the systems speed and performance [11]. Face detection separate image windows into two

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