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Suggested Title: Everything that you always wanted to know about face masks!
Suggested Title: Have a skin problem? Think face masks!
Suggested Title: Are facemasks the solution to all your skin problems

Face masks have been a hit with women across generations and civilizations. Cleopatra was known to be a big fan of egg masks; the ancient Indians were partial to clays, herbal powders and plant lipids while the ladies of the Ting Dynasty relied on masks made from pearl and jade powders to retain their youthful glow.
To this day the popularity of face masks shows no signs of ebbing. In fact, face masks are now the most sought after skin care formulations, clocking in the highest sales among all beauty products. The figures are understandable
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From the famed Vitamin C and E to quercetin, eugenol and more, face masks can contain all of these. Together these antioxidants provide formidable defense against free radicals.
Nourishes the skin: Even if you are a healthy eater, chances are your skin cells are still starved for nutrition. After all, your skin is the outermost layer of your body, which means it is the lowest in the food chain. Fortunately, with face masks you can give your dermal cells all the nutrients they need to thrive. When your skin is well nourished, cellular regeneration rate soars and this helps to keep signs of ageing away.
Boosts skin’s natural defense mechanism: Face mask not only bring external antioxidants to the table but also boost your skin’s ability to make its own antioxidant compounds. Plus, the combination of fluids and essential fatty acids bolster the protective layer that covers the skin and protects it from the elements.
Battles acne and the causes that lead to pimples: If you thought only benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can provide reprieve from stubborn acne, think again. A lot of natural ingredients that are routinely used in face masks offer results at par with their chemical counterparts, but don’t harm the skin as these chemical ingredients

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