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Face recognition process of identifying or verifying individual person by their face. one of the most important sources of the information is human face which can be intended for personal verification and identification of individual person.Wrinkles play an essential role in the face-based analysis. They have been widely used in applications, such as face age estimation, facial retouching and facial expression recognition. Facial wrinkles are 3D features of skin and appear as skillful discontinuities or cracks in surrounding skin texture. There are different techniques present for facial wrinkles detection. This paper presents the study and review of various techniques used in wrinkle detection. This paper is motivated by need of fast and robust…show more content…
Fu et.al [1] Human age, as an important personal an identifying characteristics, can be directly assumed by separate patterns emerging from the facial appearance. Derived from quick advances in machine vision and computer graphics, computer-based age estimation and age synthesis via faces have become particularly prevalent topics recently because of their explosively emerging real-world applications surveillance monitoring and security control, electronic customer relationship management, such as forensic art, entertainment, biometrics, and cosmetology. Because of their complexity and particularity, age synthesis and age estimation are attractive but difficult to computer-based application system designers. Here, the accomplish state-of-the-art techniques in the face image-based age estimation and synthesis topics. Also present models and algorithms designing face aging databases collection, System performances evaluation with valid…show more content…
First, the wrinkles exhibit distinctive shapes according to ethnic group, gender, age, and personal life style. Moreover, they are observed as subtle features that highly depend on acquisition environment. Batool et.al [15] proposed a stochastic wrinkle detection method based on marked point process (MPP). They employed a second derivative linear filter to extract line structures from an image, and penalized an overlap of wrinkle segments. However, their solution strongly depends on the initial condition, and fails to detect complex patterns of

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