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This face to face interview with Jeff Tarver, was a privilege to do, it opens my eyes up and encourage me to do more great things in this world. He encourages me to be a better person and never give up and the sky is the limit. Jeff Tarver reminds me of this statement I read in my book Public Personnel Management, chapter five which it covers the diversity and cultural competency. The quote that, “the demographics of the United State began to shift over the past few decades, leading to growth in the Asian, African American, and particularly, Latino populations”. By Jeff Tarver been a young African American he is leading to growth dealing with the workforce, because he was able to start his nonprofit organization which is call L.I.F.E. League.
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15. How would you resolve a conflict with a board member or volunteer in your organization?
I personally would pull that person to the side and have a private conversation about whatever the conflict was about. My face to face interview with the CEO of L.I.F.E. League was an amazing interview. Jeff Tarver explains me his non- profit organization and how he had an idea that he wants to be able to get youth off the street. He had a general idea that develops to a great organization that give youth a chance to better their life. This organization is based on the youth needs and how this non-profit organization has chance these youth lives. I am glad that I am a part of an organization that strive our youth to be the best and have them know you can do anything you want and the sky is the limited. Jeff Tarver is a great role model that support his student or anybody he come across that have goals and want to do better. Jeff Tarver my mentor and he expect nothing but the best and not mediocre, he learns from his experience and share with others for they won’t go through the same, and show that if his dream can come true and he under forty and he an African American than anything possible when you put your mind to the
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