Facebook Affects Teenagers

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5. How Facebook affects teens and young adults
Most of the people nowadays are Facebook users. They use it to connect with friends through chatting in Facebook inbox, share good stuffs in daily life, such as funny videos, and also write a post to share their emotions. Although Facebook is a convenient tool to let the users connect with each other, widely usage of it may bring negative effects to the people, especially teens and young adults. Teens and young adults are a group which easily affected by their environment and surroundings. They do not mature mind and life experiences to differentiate right or wrong as well as make important decisions in daily life. Hence, using social media becomes a risk to them. Most of the risks occur because of inappropriate content, lack of understanding of online privacy issues, and outside influences of third-party advertising groups (Turgeon, 2011). This shows that teens and young adults cannot fully make good use of Facebook and may be affected by bad things from it.

5.1 Cyberbullying
Teens and young adults nowadays have many platforms to express themselves. One of them is writing posts on Facebook to express their feelings and share their emotions. This includes writing post which complaining or aspersing others. It may cause cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is defined as purposely using digital media to convey wrong, embarrassing, or hostile information and message about another person. It is the most common online risk in terms of
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