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ASSIGNMENT: PORTFOLIO OF LEARNING INTRODUCTION My artifact for this assignment is a “Social media log sheet” provided by instructor Amanda Le Rougetel in a lecture of managerial communication. Amanda gave whole class this sheet to track our online activities for three days. My reason behind using this sheet as an artifact is that it tells me how much I am active on social media network and which social network I use the most. LEARNING From this artifact I was able to track my daily activities on social media network. I learned that the social network I use most frequently is Facebook. I use Facebook to get in contact with family and friends. It also helps me to get knowledge about what is trending all over the world as all of the news networks have their…show more content…
But each coin has two sides, same is in the case of social media. It has a bright as well as a dark side. On bright side, businesses can use social network as marketing spot as it is cheap and easily available and they can promote their products globally (Salcido, 2105). With help of social media people can support various campaigns regarding social issues and be the part of global community (Ta, 2014). Furthermore, friends separated by long distances can keep in touch by sharing images on sites like Facebook and Instagram. On dark side, excessive and inappropriate use of social media put adverse effects on people’s life especially students. Students upload their pictures and comments online without giving second thought about whether the content they are posting is acceptable or not. Now a days companies tend to explore online profiles of applicants before offering them interview for job (Dunn, 2011). The content we post online is cannot be removed completely. Juan Enriquez a businessman and speaker termed the content we post online as “Electronic Tattoo” as it remains there forever (Enriquez, 2013). FUTURE

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