The Influence Of Social Media On Relationship

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Facebook is the one of the most used social networking sites of today’s world. At the same time, it could bring a negative or positive impacts to the users. This study aims to investigate the influence of social media (Facebook) among undergraduate students on relationship. Whether there is significant relationship between the influences of social media (Facebook) in communication and attitude on student’s relationship. We are using quantitative research method as our research approach and simple random sampling method, after that we distribute 50 survey questionnaire to UTAR undergraduate students. After we collect the data, we analyse it by using SPSS software and descriptive statistic is conduct to summarize and describe data. This study…show more content…
According to the statement that show out is Facebook can be result in negative effects way on a relationship as well (Gershon, 2011). Once the individuals felt instability in their relationship online which is Facebook activity will caused the expected jealous responses and established that incorrect Facebook activity did in fact put a negative strain onto relationships and People initiated to check their partners online activity on a daily basis because of the jealousy they felt in the relationship (Marshal, 2011).According to the statement given by the researcher observed that students can spend several hours a day attending to different social media sites( Kord, 2004).The result show that found that a vast majority of students use friend social media for a significant portion of their day and this impact on that Facebook has on romantic relationships offline.So, from this we can get to know that social media is a critical platform for making and staying in touch with relationship and connect to them with their feelings which causes negatively. From the statement using Facebook to display one’s relationship status, post pictures and to communicate with and about their partner so the result show that those activities on social media have the ability to greatly affect romantic relationships (Utz & Beukeboom,…show more content…
Many people hold the view that social media like Facebook could improve their relationship because it is faster and easier communication method and they feel free to post their feelings and thoughts in social media.
Therefore, the reason of our research topic that we choose is, social media became one of the famous issue in Malaysia and it has huge impact on relationship. Finding suggest that, social media had a drastic impact on individual relationship. Little by little, social media has become an integral part of the way that people behave with one another and has increasingly taken the place on relationship. Another issue on social media is, the individual are became so addicted to the usage of social media which is impact on their
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