Facial Deformity In Wonder, By R. J Palacio

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Wonder by R.J. Palacio Literary Thematic Essay In Wonder, by R.J Palacio, August, also know as Auggie, is the main character who is a boy with a facial deformity which deeply affects him from finding friends. Auggie 's facial deformity is what Julian uses to relentlessly tease Auggie. Auggie is entering middle school which is his greatest challenge yet. Auggie has always been homeschooled and he is cautious about what the other students will say about him, but not everyone is going to be mean to him. in the novel we can see that the author is informing the reader that, a single act of kindness helps us move on with life. The first way we see how a single act of kindness helps us move on with life is in the cafeteria when Auggie expects that no one will sit next to him because of his deformity. However one student named Summer, who is in the popular group in school, sits next to Auggie. On pg (51) “Hey, is the seat taken?” I looked up, and a girl I never saw before was standing across from my table. “My name is Summer, by the way. What’s yours?” “August.” “Cool,” she said. Another girl from the table where Summer normal sits walks over to Summer. “Why are you sitting here? Come back to the table.” “Come sit here,” Summer replies. “Never mind,” said the girl, leaving. Summer looked at me, shrugged-smiled, and took another bite of her mac and cheese.” Summer is showing kindness to Auggie by looking beyond his deformity, and ignoring what her friend says about Auggie. This

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