Facial Expressions In Communication

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Recognizing emotion from facial expressions represents a key element in human commu-nication. Facial expressions constitute 55% of the effect of a communicated message. The face provides visual feedback and aids in social interaction by expressing such things such as mood, speaking turn, and confusion. Studies suggest up to 93% of all human communication is done by interpreting emotion. In order for machines to communicate ef-fectively with people, they must also have this ability. People often change their responses according to feedback received from others, and we often rely on facial expressions in many cases to give further meaning to a conversation. Other queues such as speech prosody and content give us some indication
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Machines operate by running programs that process instructions according to the design of the developer. If we could create machines that could understand the emotional element of communication, as well as recognize the individual to which they are communicating, we would find that such communication would be more effective and less frustrating to the…show more content…
Even the term \interface" suggests the primary role of the face in communication between two entities. Studies have shown that interpreting facial expressions can significantly alter the interpretation of what is spoken as well as control the °ow of a conversation [28]. Im-proving the communication between humans and computers has been one of the driving forces in computer science over the years. This research has involved coordination between several fields of research including: psychology, biology, computer science, and engineer-ing. The key to creating a better communication between humans and machines involves developing more sophisticated techniques for interpreting
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