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Premier Dead Sea Review – Prestige Perfect Collection Premier Dead Sea has high quality facial products that any cosmetic enthusiast should look for. From different customer reviews, it is obvious that products from the Prestige Perfect Collection are effective and popular. But what are these products? Perfection Refining Facial Peeling Mask As indicated by the name, this skincare product is a peeling mask. It has Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Salicylic Acid and Chamomile Extract as the main ingredients. Each of these has a role to play. Witch Hazel is known to clean and to tighten the facial pores while Aloe Vera soothes skin as well as cleansing deeply. Salicylic acid prevents blemishes as well as breakouts and works to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. Chamomile soothes the skin and prevents…show more content…
One has to cleanse the face and dry it by patting it with a soft cloth. Concentrating on the t-zone, jaw line and cheekbones, pat the serum gently onto the face and let it dry. In order to get the best results from using the serum, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer after the serum is dry. At $100, this product is popular with users who are acne-prone as indicated by online reviews. It can be paired with a wide range of products to achieve the desired results for different skin types. These products include: The day cream complex for normal to oily skin, the moisture complex and moisturizing emulsion, all from the Prestige Collection by Premier Dead Sea. It is also great when paired with the refining facial peel mask from the perfection collection. Conclusion The Premier Dead Sea Prestige Perfect Collection provides for a reliable and effective skincare regimen. Whether one has sensitive, dry or oily skin, the products work wonders to ensure hydration, counter aging, inflammation and redness of the skin. Going by the customer reviews, these products are worth the buy. To get a great bargain, buying the collection as one kit at $550 is

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