Facial Expression Thesis

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Human Emotion Detection via Facial Expression Recognition
A Thesis Submitted
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Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science and Engineering
Yogesh Sharma (20114086)
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We declared that work present in this report titled “Human Emotion Detection via Facial Expression Recognition”, submitted to Computer Science and Engineering department, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, for the award of Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering, is our original work. I have not plagiarized the same work for any other award
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We also thank to our Department Head, Prof. R.S. Yadav for providing excellent facilities and relaxations without which this work was not easy.

Yogesh Sharma (20114086) SYNOPSIS

The goal of our project is to detect human emotion through analyzing facial expression in an image by using the principles of Digital Image Processing.

It has been established from the various study of some behavioral scientists that the verbal part (i.e. spoken words) of a message mainly contributes only for 7 percent to the effect of message as a whole; the vocal part (e.g. voice intonation) contributes 38 percent, while facial expression contributes 55 percent to the effect of spoken message.

Facial expressions are human facial changes in response to human internal emotional state, intensions, social communication. In this project we are focusing on emotion detection from facial expressions. This involves face detection, estimation of pose, and expression recognition.
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Lighting should be appropriate so that there should be even light distribution on face.
Face should be fully inside the camera frame else face could not be detected.

Facial expressions and Emotions

Facial expressions are expressions that human show due to one or more motions and positions of the human muscles inside the skin of the face. These muscle movements show the emotional state and emotional level of an individual to viewers. Sometime we human involves into nonverbal communications using these Facial expressions. They are a general ways of communicating in social environment.
Humans adopt a facial expression according to their own ways or in some situations involuntarily, and the neural mechanisms which are responsible for controlling these expressions differ in different ways in each case. Voluntary facial expressions mostly are socially manipulated to fit in situations which follow a cortical route in our brain. While, involuntary facial expressions come out naturally and follow a subcortical route in our brain.
Facial recognition most of the time is an emotional experience for the brain and the amygdala is mainly involved in this recognition process.

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