Facial Sketch Research Paper

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Abstract—Facial Sketches are most widely used in law enforcement agencies for identification and apprehension of suspect which may involve in several criminal activities. If the photographs of the suspect is store in the mug shot data base then the identity of the suspect is possible but in most of the cases that it is a possibility that the photographs of the suspect is not available then two methods are used first is forensic sketch and second is composite sketch software. The sketch used in investigations are either drawn by expert artist (forensic sketch) or created with the help of computer software (composite software sketches), the forensic sketch is drawn by expert artist by following the verbal description provided by an eyewitness…show more content…
So, to avoid this the ASM i.e active shape model is use. In their paper they have proposed an extension active shape model by considering a more facial landmark. The extended active shape model is consist of following extensions. The first one is More landmark are consider then of actually needed. The second is Choosing a two dimensional landmark instead of one landmark template and the last is Noise to be added in training set. In the first one since more landmark are consider then of actually needed then with the help of these the result was improved because fitting a landmark tends to help other landmark also. The second was involve in choosing a two dimensional landmark instead of one dimensional because two dimensional was capture a more information around each of the landmark and this information is most widely used to represent a batter result and in the last one the noise to be added in a training set which helps the trained model to generalize a wider variety of faces example guassian noise. By considering all of the above factor which help the ASM(active shape model) to locate the facial feature so, it helps to identify the face photo of the
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