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Planning Process I was fully prepared for this facilitation. I choose to present a scenario that shed light on the physically disabled community and highlighted the experiences of my client living at the Gage Transitions to Independent Living Centre. I preformed abundant research on this community and client in order to present a scenario that demonstrated evidence- based knowledge regarding the community, and educate my clinical group about this community. I designed discussion questions that would result in an ongoing conversation regarding the concepts of community nursing and the lived experiences of my client and those in the physically disabled community. My seven discussion questions focused on the topics of Assessment, Social Determinants…show more content…
Ensuring adequate time would have diminished my feelings of being rushed, allowing me to feel more comfortable in the role of facilitator and therefore more effective. With adequate time I would have been able elicit further opinions and discussion from the group. When reflecting back on the manner in which I presented my discussion questions I think I subconsciously changed a few from an open ended to a close-ended format in order to save time; which is counter intuitive to the facilitation process. Question format was also indicated as an area that could be improved on by a member of my group, going forward I will ensure that I ask the questions the way they are written. For the winter facilitation I will select a day where there is only one other facilitation to ensure group energy levels are ideal for participating and contribution. I will also wait till the conclusion of my facilitation to distribute my peer evaluation, in order to ensure the feedback is valid and

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