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We conducted our facilitation on Poverty and Race. The group that we held our facilitation with was the student ambassadors. Our person of contact, Rob Ward, was extremely helpful in assisting us leading up to the facilitation. He was very easy to work with and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again in the future. Our facilitation took place on Monday, November 16, at 8:15pm in the Student Center on UNCW’s campus.
Going into the facilitation we were not exactly sure what to expect. We knew that the students who become student ambassadors are typically very outgoing and motivated, so we were hoping that the discussion would flow naturally. Our concerns were that there would be a low turnout of people or that the participants
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Each bag contained a different number of Skittles. During the exercise different opportunities would be presented and if the students wished to take advantage of those opportunities, they had to consume a certain number of Skittles. The point of the exercise was to show that each person is born with certain advantages and disadvantages. They all seemed to really enjoy the exercise. During our discussion period they spoke to the fact that it helped them to realize some people started off with less than others and that “it wasn’t…show more content…
They all engaged and seemed genuinely interested in the topic. Each of them offered thoughtful responses to our discussion prompts. Throughout the facilitation they engaged in dialogue that led us to believe they were grasping the points we were trying to convey. At one point, one of the students acknowledged their own privelage referencing the fact that they were all currently at a four year university. At the end of this experience, we believe that the ambassadors truly gained a deeper understand of the issue of poverty and race and as facilitaors we believe we have improved and gained invaluable
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