Facilities Management Essay

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3.1 Introduction The way how the research will be conducted in order to achieve the aims which are stated in the previous chapter. Previously, three objective to identify the perception of the visitors and their need on the facilities management and safety aspect at the shopping mall.Secondly to evaluate facilities management practice and safety aspect at shopping mall. and the last objective is to recommend how to improve the facilities management and the safety aspect for visitors at the shopping mall.

According C.R Kothari (2004), research is an acedamic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense.It also define as formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions; collecting,organising and evaluating data,Research also an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for it advacement.It is the persuit of truth , with the help of study,observation, comparison and experiment.

The data collected was quantitative data. It is refers to the count of things and depends on its numerical data to interpret results.For the data, questionnaire survey was chosen in order to gain a data from the respondents.The questionnaire are designed and contributed to the selected respondents for this research. The data from journal, article and books also are reffered in order
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Satisfaction questions in various survey instruments in the literature, as established as multiple choice questions to allow for ease of computation and analysis. It is believed that, this method may pre-determine choices. Justifying this, the research should have a mixture of rating-based format which instructed respondents to rate their opinion for a specific fact by making 5-point scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly
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