Facing The Giant: Transformational Leadership Theory

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According to the movie “Facing the Giant”, Transformational leadership theory can be clearly seen in the coach, Taylor. At the very beginning of the movie, the team, Shiloh, had lost their main player, Darren, this made the team become panic, frightened and their football level start dropping. After that, Taylor started to change his mindset, he start believing in his religion, speaking to his God and changing his attitude on facing problem. After all, he start to influence his followers, all the members of the football team, by changing their values, beliefs and attitudes. He set a new philosophy for the whole football team which is playing football is just only for win but also to give all out in the game and enjoy the game. Taylor also did told the team that they should try hard, work hard and believe they can rather than throwing in the towel before facing a problem. Taylor also believing in the team leader, Brock and bringing him to do a dead crawl all around the football field for helping the whole team to get ahold for themselves which might…show more content…
When the team start to become incohesive and Taylor start to feel down on his self, he try to create a new vision, mission and core values for the team by writing down it and share with members. He also do serve as a steward and role model for the team for example he wish the team to believe in god and telling the team that the purpose of playing football or even of life is not only for winning but is to honour God while he is also doing the same thing in his life which is parallel with what he said. After he share his idea with the team, he start to implement the strategy together with them. The whole team pray together before and after the game no matter they win or lose. They give all out not only in the training but also classroom study which was mentioned by Taylor that they shouldn’t only know how to play football but also should do well in
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