Facing The Giants Character Analysis

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In the world we live in today text play a very bid and vital role in everyone’s life. We read, watch, and listen to things every day, some things we don’t pay any attention to but at the same time there is many things that stick out to us and impact us for good and sometimes bad. Things from songs we listen to for certain situations, recipes we read to cook, movies we watch and how we relate to them, even text messages we send between one another. In this essay I will explain how I relate to some text and what they mean to me.
The movie “Facing the Giants has greatly impacted my life and the life of many people close to me. The movie is a perfect representation of my high school football team, we were always the big underdog. The plot of the movie started with coach Taylor and his team who hasn’t had a winning record in six years. Coach Taylor was facing many issues at home but never let them interfere with his coaching, but it was still noticeable. Then the coaches start trying a new philosophy and decides to praise God, no matter what the result. At the same time, he guides and ask each
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The song features Kanye west and John Legend each showing their insight on the topic of how we can promote change in a positive way starting with our self. Big Sean’s grandmother had a major influence for this song, many of the lyrics are her words. Even the title has ties back to her, “one man can change the world” is what she used to tell Sean before she passed away seeing that she was one of the first black female captains in World War II. This song comes straight from the heart and sends a massage of no matter where you are from, who you are, are what your circumstances may be you have the power to make a difference. He tells stories of his grandmother that solidifies the idea that anybody can really make an impact in our

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