Fact And Fiction In Shakespeare's Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare wrote one of his most famous plays, Macbeth, in 1606 during the reign of King Jame I. This play was based on actual historical events that occurred during 1040 to 1057. Shakespeare seems to have included both fact and fiction throughout the entire play to recreate this story to better appeal to King James. By including both fact and fiction in Macbeth, Shakespeare created a story that did not portray the characters and events in a historically accurate way.
In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth became king by committing the murder of King Duncan. While this is true historically, it did not go exactly as Shakespeare wrote it. In the play, Macbeth sneaks into King Duncan’s room while he is sleeping over at Macbeth’s home. Macbeth, while Duncan is sleeping, then stabs Duncan with his dagger, and afterwards Lady Macbeth places the bloody daggers near to the two passed out drunk guards, making it look like they are the ones to blame. Historically, Macbeth kills Duncan in battle near what was then known as Elgin, on August 14, 1040 (“Macbeth - King of Scots”). Since Duncan’s death occurred this way, Macbeth gained the throne in a way that was seen as honorable during the time period. Macbeth also became the next King of Scotland simply because he had as much right to the throne as King Duncan did through his mother (Johnson, Ben). In Macbeth, Shakespeare made it out to be as if Macbeth had no legitimate claim to the throne, nor did anyone in the kingdom feel as if he

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