Factor Affecting Team Roles: Factors Influencing Team Dynamics

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Factors affecting team dynamics: Factors that influence group dynamics include the social status of participants, their assigned or adopted roles, and patterns of communication and dominance that develop within the group. Groups can be task oriented and have social purposes, and the effectiveness of a group often depends on the balance it strikes between these competing goals. Unclear Objective: Without clear goal and objectives it is almost sure that the projects will fail as the result user requirements will not be clear. Sometimes the goal of the project may not be clear and this is because the requirements gathering was not enough, sometimes goals and objectives might be unclear because project stakeholders lack the experience to describe what they really require. Defining clear requirements for a project can take time and lots of communication. Team Roles: Team roles should be clearly defined & each member should be given an indication of what is acceptable & what is not. When teams are formed, it is normal for people to take different roles, according to their position, ability or character type. Roles are defined positions that are associated with given responsibilities and are usually allocated according to the position or ability of each person. Team Norms: Team norms are a set of rules or guidelines that a team establishes to shape the interaction of team members with each other and with employees who are external to the team. They have to be set carefully, they

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