Factor And Effects Of Road Accident: Causes And Impacts

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ABSTRACT According to National Safety Council, “Accident is an occurrence in sequence of events that produces unintended injury, death or property damages.” As in this global era, road accident can be known as common tragedies that keep increasing from year to year. Based on references, it showed the review of the factor and effect of road accidents which occur in this century. Therefore, road accidents may cause damages of property, death or serious injuries. Accidents that occurred frequently because of common factors have been investigated and research has been made to find out how to avoid these cases in future. It also can help any parties to search the solution to overcome road accident problems. In addition, road accident can affect the human or public health and greatly affect the human capital development of every country. It can be concluded that the accident happened from the behaviour of driver itself who ignored the rules on the road and did not concern about their safety and others safety while driving. Keywords: Road accident, risk factor, effect 1. INTRODUCTION The most basic definition of “accident” is adopted by the National Safety Council, which states, “Accident is an occurrence in a sequence of events that produces unintended injury, death, or property damage.” Road accidents are currently one of the major world economic and social problems in transport industry. Motor vehicle accident is an unstabilized situation that includes at least one
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