Factors Affect Consumer Online Shopping Behavior

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Identify factor affect customer online shopping behavior
1.0 Introduction
Consumer satisfaction is critically important for the success of a Web based online store. This chapter provides an overview of the consumer purchasing behaviour on online shopping. In this study, I propose the key factor affect consumer in online shopping. My analysis identifies issues related to channel traits, Web store traits, and consumer traits as factors that may help influence consumer behaviour. In this chapter will describe the background of research, problem statement, research questions, research objectives, and the justification of the study. Besides that, the scope and organization of study also will be well described in this chapter. Finally, the definition
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The latest data for 2017 is 3578million internet users in the world. There are about 731 million of users are from China and 287 million of users from the United States in the total internet users. (Statista, 2017) The usage of internet shows how people adapt with internet nowadays. The invention of the Internet had also shift of the traditional way of people shopping. (Anders Hasslinger, 2016) Undeniably, the online business had gradually increased these few years. Traditional markets also need to make changes to keep up with the pace of the times in order to be competitive in the market. Therefore, E-commerce has become an irreplaceable marketing channel in business transactions. Online stores and services are an important sales channels in business to customer (B2C) transactions. A customer will not bind to a specific opening time or location, people will be active at anytime and anywhere. (Anders Hasslinger, 2016) Studying online shopping behavior of consumers has been one of the most important research agendas in e-commerce. (Dr. Rashad Yazdanifard, 2014) The research on online consumer behavior has been conducted in multiple disciplines including information systems, marketing, management science, psychology and social psychology, etc. (Mohammad Hossein Moshref Javadi,…show more content…
Online shopping can happen all the way and all the time whenever it is. According to narrate in (Ward, 2006), the reason for now people who shopping online is convenient and previously is lower priced. Online shopping is more likely shopping through a paper catalog because both involve mail delivery of the purchase and in both way customer cannot smell or touch the product. (Kim, 2003) Therefore, all online shopping is depending on a great extent, pictures and the customer

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