Factors Affecting Academic Achievement

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1.5.1 FACTORS AFFECTING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT (i) Individual factors: These factors are related to the individual himself. The main among these factors are: a) Cognitive like intelligence, learning ability, cognitive styles, creativity etc. b) Non Cognitive like attitude towards self and others, perceptions of school, interests, motivation, level of aspiration, study habits, personality, self efficacy, attitude towards education etc. (ii) Environmental Factors: These are related to the environment of the individual. These include socio-economic status; family traits and company i.e. value system, educational system, system of evaluation, teachers’ efficiency, training and methods of teaching, school environment and home environment, peer groups etc. All these factors account for the academic success or failure. Some Prominent Role of Academic Achievement Ability for Success: Achievement of an individual depends on intellectual abilities like intelligence, aptitude, imagination, memory, study habit, perceptual power and attention. Therefore student having higher academic achievement performance do better in their life and it also leads to success in every path of the life. To Secure Job: Better academic achievement of a student shows their higher performance in their field. As the job analysis shows that job required only well able student and best qualities of that student in their respective jobs. Therefore student must be able to do that job which can be only possible

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