Factors Affecting Academic Achievement

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Literature Review Parental factors affecting academic achievement of grade six pupils in Kisumu city, Kenya Lazarus Ndiku Makewa, Elizabeth Role, Faith Otewa This particular research article was casual comparative research, a questionnaire and document analysis was used to collect information. The purpose of this study was examined parental factors affecting academic performance of a particular grade. Parental involvement is one factor that focused in this study. This research finding shows that parental involvements is statistically and significantly influence academic performance of the student. To confirm achievement in school, children want their parents backing for school and non-school activities. Parent involvement may be more challenging based on difficulties that they face such as lack of time, knowledge of ways to be involved and poor communication between school and home. Children need and want their families to be involved in their lives. Studies indicate that children whose parents and or family members share and support in their formal education incline to do success in school. These findings are related to my research question, how does the academic achievement of students whose parents are actively involved in their education compare to that of their age group whose parents are not involved? Parental involvement increases mechanisms of children’s education such as daily attendance, cognitive and social skills or achievement, behavior and attitude,

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