Factors Affecting Academic Performance

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Factors Potentially Influencing Academic Performance Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the factors that potentially influence the academic performance. The method used is OLS with self esteem , study hours and attendance as independent variables and GPA as dependent variable. Gender is considered as dummy variable (1 for females and 0 for males) The data set includes 50 observations. These data are taken by a questionnaire made at EPOKA University for Bachelor students. Empirical results show that self esteem and hours of study have a positive effect on GPA, but attendance and gender do not have any significant impact. Keywords: GPA, Self esteem , Attendance , Study hours ,Gender. Introduction In order to identify the factors affecting students achievement (positively or negatively) were conducted a lot of studies. Many studies were conducted to identify the factors that affect (positively or negatively) student achievement. The improvement of students’ achievements has always been one of the main goals of education. Literature review Stinebrickner (2004) found a positive relationship between a student’s first semester grade performance and his/her average daily study hours Schuman (1985), over the course of a ten year period, took four different measurement approaches in an explicit attempt to “produce a positive relation between amount of study and GPA” at the University of Michigan and found that none of the approaches was “very successful in

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