Principle Of Operation Of Aircraft Radar Essay

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1.1) Explain the principles of operation of the aircraft radar systems with appropriate block
Diagrams and pictorial representation. (Assessment Criteria 4.1)

Radio detection and ranging is an electromagnetic sensor used for detecting, tracking, locating and recognizing objects of various types at considerable distance. Radar operates by transmitting electromagnetic energy to objects commonly referred to as targets and observing the echoes of target which returns back. The target may be aircraft, spacecraft and astronomical bodies, or even like birds and rains. And finds the presence, location, and velocity of such objects and radar can find their size and shape as well.

Principle of operation
Radar works similar to principle of sound wave reflection. Radar uses electromagnetic energy pulses and radio frequency energy is transmitted and reflected from reflecting object a small portion of the reflected energy returns to radar the returned energy is called ECHO just it was in sound terminology radar sets uses echo to find the direction and distance of reflecting object

Transmitter radar transmitter generates some short duration and high-power rf pulses energy that are into space by antenna. Transmitter is not too large in size and weight and it has wide band width and high power.

The duplexer alternately switches
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A designers tries to maximize the detectability of weak signals by using the radar engineers call matched filter which is a filter that maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio of the receiver output and The matched filters have a precise mathematical formulation that depends upon the shape of the input signal and the character of receiver

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