Factors Affecting Anxiety In Mathematics

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Findings and Discussion
This chapter presents the survey analysis of the factors affecting the Anxiety of the students in Mathematics and the suggested ways to avoid it.
The Factors Affecting the Anxiety of the Students in Mathematics
The first problem included in this study dealt on the factors affecting Anxiety of the Students in Mathematics.
The first factor that affects the anxiety of the student was being shy. "Nahihiya ako na baka mali ying maisagot ko." It means that the student were lacking in self-confidence when they were in Math class. It implies that student is confused about his answer, and it is an acceptable reason on why the student is not participating in class.
According to Dowker et al. (2016) low participation and low achievement in Mathematics were concern of many countries. As stated by (Wigfield and Meece,1988; Ma and Kishor, 1997). Other forms of mathematics appear to be difficult for so many people to attain, and some people have mild or intense specific mathematical learning disabilities. But not all disabilities can cause mathematical difficulties. Large number of children and adults have mathematics anxiety, which may intensely destroy their mathematical performance and learning, that were caused by avoidance of mathematical activities.
On the whole study it implies that, attitudes to mathematics tend to be worst with age during childhood and adolesence,which leads to negative implications for mathematical development, adult engagement in

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