Factors Affecting Built Environment

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TERM PAPER Built Environment 1. What are the factors affecting built environment? Summary - Each has a different set of requirements, limitations, and challenges that effect a project’s culture. Clients – have a clear idea about program, budget and other project objectives. Community Concerns – what are affects faced by people after development and meet the needs of the people. Codes & Regulations – Before developing any place we have to come to know the minimal land use & building bye-laws etc. Context & Climate – the nature surrounding fabric of natural and built elements. Climate includes the nature of region defined by solar radiation, temperatures etc. Site – Site area availability of basic infrastructure. Building technology – Materials related with topography and climate of the areas and also on the way of housing types cost effective mechanical lighting, ceiling etc. Sustainability – Sustain the future requirements 2. Effect of environment due to built? Researchers have developed a method that makes it possible to evaluate the environmental impacts caused during the construction of buildings in advance. Before beginning the works, with just the project data, the new method makes it possible to predict up to 37 environmental impacts. This information, according to the creators, could help improve environmental management in the construction processes. For example, the greenhouse gas emissions can be estimated by analyzing the volume of material dug per square
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