Factors Affecting Communication In Nursing

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Factors affecting disaster;
• Physical factors- weather conditions, the availability of food, time when disaster occurs, availability of water and functional utilities like electricity
• Chemical factors; leakage of stored chemicals into the air, soil, food supplies
• Biological factors; those that occur as a result of contaminated water, improper waste disposal.
• Social factor; loss of family members, change in roles and the questioning of religious belief are social factor to look into consideration after disaster.
• Psychological factor; things like host and environmental conditions.
It is the duty of a nurse to provide educational program and materials regarding disaster in specific areas. Thereby educating those population about what impact the disaster can have on them by adopting a
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For instance the flood disaster in Benin City, the injured were given first aid though severely injured were handled first before transfer to the hospital for proper management and care.

Communication is the process of passing information and message from one person to another. In communication two persons are involved {receiver and sender}
There is need for effective/good communication between nurses and patient because is essential for the successful outcome of individualized nursing care of each patient. Language of communication should be understood by all those involved. Nurses should be properly educated and experienced for communication to be effective in their practice.
There are two main types of communication;
Formal Communication
Informal Communication.
Formal communication is an official way of communicating that takes place in a chain of commands. It concern work related matters.
Informal communication- this type of communication flows through informal channel and it may be work related or
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