Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

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Kenya is a developing country and has witnessed fast economic growth and developments in mobile telecommunication penetration in recent years. Due to these reasons, there is a dynamic increase in the number of mobile phone device users. This attracted large number of international firms to enter into mobile industry and offer various brands of mobile phones. However, the choice of consumer is diverse due to various factors associated with consumer behavior. In this context, it is important to study the various factors which shape the consumers mind during the purchase of mobile phone devices. According to Karjaluoto et al. (2005), price, brand, interface, and properties tends to have the most influential factors affecting the actual choice amongst mobile phone brands. Ling, Hwang and Salvendy (2007) surveyed college students to identify their preference of their current mobile phone. The results of their survey indicated that the physical appearance, size and menu organization of the mobile phones are the most determinant factors affecting the choice of mobile phones. Mack and Sharples (2009) showed that usability in the most important determinant of mobile choice; other attributes particularly features, aesthetics and cost are other factors that have implication on the choice of mobile phone brand. In other study conducted by Kumar (2012), price, quality and style functions as the most influential factors affecting the choice of mobile phones. Moreover, Saif et al, 2012

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