Technical Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction

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After reviewing all the papers, the main factors found that are responsible for the consumer purchase behaviour and satisfaction are-
1. Price- Price play a very important role for many customers while buying a mobile phone. The level of dissonance, satisfaction level and the desired performance level varies according to the price of the phone. People often take more time to purchase a high price phone and experience high level of dissonance as well.

2. Technical factors- Technical features play the most important role in influencing the purchase behaviour and customer satisfaction among mobile handsets as technical components of the phone actually determine how the phone works. If the technical features of the phone are not optimal,
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Design and hardware factors also play a major role in influencing their purchase. They like to collect information about their phones like reviews available by the people who have experience of the phone online. So, they take their time to make the decision about the phone. Hence, external factors like brand, social and psychological factors are also responsible for customer purchase behaviour and satisfaction.
Since we observe that technical factors play the most influential role in purchase behaviour which means any problems in the technical aspect of the phone will cause major customer dissatisfaction. The major problems identified in the technical aspect are lagging, heating, battery drainage and other software problems which cause high customer dissatisfaction. People also feel dissatisfied if the hardware and the build quality of the phone is not good and the design and the colour is not as shown in the advertisements. People also tend to get confused and take time because of a number of options in the market and false advertising. Many people are satisfied with the products but there are many people who are dissatisfied. The satisfaction and the dissonance levels are dependent on the above
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It provides a holistic view of all the dimension that influence the consumer purchase behaviour and satisfaction towards a mobile phone. The companies must work on the above dimensions and make good products that cater to the needs of the people from various demographics. The mobile phone manufacturers should focus on technical features like battery, RAM, storage, camera etc. of the devices as they are the most influential factors among the consumers. The material, build quality and the design of the phone should also be taken special care of by the mobile phone companies. The phone manufacturers should also focus on improving their advertising and marketing techniques, and they shouldn’t show false and exaggerated information about the phone in the ads as it tends to confuse and mislead the people. The companies should focus on maintaining their brand image and value. If they are a new brand, they can collaborate. Brands need to position and distinguish themselves in the market and should aim to create customer

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