Five Factors Affecting Customer's Behavior

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more to get a small gift. Loyalty can be easily judged by the customer’s behavior. Customer behavior shows that which product is frequently purchased by the customer and why? It also give clear hint on which product they need to focus more and why? There are three main factor which can increase customer loyalty. Limited time promotion, rewards for purchase and point based reward program. These are three factors which company must considered while retaining customer loyalty. Customers are called the life blood of every organization, company has to respect it at any cost. Because the existence of corporation is to meet the requirement of customers. Without customer’s involvement company can only be successful in the short run not in the long…show more content…
Customer relationship management should begin in early stage. As organizations are already gained the trust of current customers, so it becomes easy for companies to entertain them first rather than entertaining potential customers.
2.5 Factors affecting customer loyalty:
There are some important factor which affects a lot in customer loyalty. For example customer satisfaction, trust, commitment, corporate image, switching cost and communication. Customer satisfaction as being already discussed in detail has huge impact on customer loyalty. In fact it is closely related with customer loyalty. Trust is a mutual relationship between customer and company. With trust no business can be successful. Trust also leads to profit. The best example we can take of apple, if I am user of Apple, then it means I trust this company, and I will prefer to buy and check its other offering like IMac. No matter how much expensive will be its offering but I will not switch to any other company, this is
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The companies maintain this in order to keep the customers for the life time. At the end, satisfaction leads to customer returns and buying more and more. Loyal customers are always willing to pay the premium price, because they become brand loyal, and it becomes difficult for them to change the product immediately. The basic purpose of customer research is to increase the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. If customer is not satisfied, then they can complain to the company but it mostly happens in B2B businesses. In this case customer expects that the company will take any action against this. For example if a company do contract with the other company, if they are not satisfied from the quality, then they can launch complain against it and preventive measure can be taken in this
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