Two Types Of Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is an important determinant of organizational success and each organization has a exclusive social structure.
The work culture goes a long way in creating the brand image of the organization and making it separate from its competitors. For an organization the employees are the true possessions. They are the ones who supply effectively towards the successful performance of an organization. They struggle hard to distribute their level best and reach the assigned targets within the specific time structure.
Organization culture reflects the working conditions, behavior of employees, their thought processes, beliefs and etc. Work culture needs to be healthy for employees not only to enjoy their work but also
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These shared values have a powerful influence on the employees in the organization and dictate how they dress, act, and perform their jobs. Organizations develops and sustain a unique culture, which provides suggestion and restrictions for the behavior of the members of the organization.

2.1 TYPES OF ORGANIZATIN CULTURES There are two types of organization culture:
2.1.1 Powerful Organization Culture: In this kind of organizational culture refers to a situation where the employees regulate well, respect the organization’s policies and adhere to the guiding principle. In this kind of culture employees enjoy working and take every obligation as a new learning and try to achieve as much as they can. They accept their roles and responsibilities gladly.
2.1.2 Powerless Organization Culture: In such a culture individuals accept their responsibilities out of panic of superiors and insensitive policies. The employees in such a situation do things out of obligation. They care for their organization just for earning money and never get attached to
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It is essential to come to an alternative acceptable to one and all for a healthy culture at the workplace. Before implementing any new idea discussions are very important.
 The dependable performers must have a say in the approach making. Such activities go a long way in motivating the employees and creating a culture where employees bond to the organization for a long time.
 Morning meetings are necessary to effectively communicate the order of the day to one and all. Employees should be treated equally and no one should feel ignored or left out at the workplace. Quick feedbacks are important.
 The employees must develop the tradition of using planners and organizers to avoid forgetting critical issues.
 Emails are an important way of communication at the workplace. All the employees who have to be a part of the communication should be kept in the loop. The emails should be clear and present common information to

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