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Employment - To what extent has education affected employment in Asia?
Employment can be thought of as a relationship in which a person is paid for work done by another person, who employs him. Employment is a factor by which an economy of the country is judged. There are specific factors affecting employment. Education is one of the main factors. If a person is not educated and does not have the required skills, he can’t be labelled as an employee. Asia is a continent in which some countries excel extra-ordinarily in education and some are left lagging. These differences cause the difference between the employment rate in the Asian countries.
Global perspectives-
1. Malaysia- Malaysia’s government has made rules and regulations to oversee
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The first cause of less employment can be the enormous number of youths in India, as the government and organizations find it hard to employ, large numbers of people at a time. But there is also another reason for unemployment in India, the students do not have any proper, personal, interpersonal, leadership, learning and presentation skills, these are the skills must for getting a job, as organizations would only accept the most efficient workers. These skills are not taught at schools normally, as the teachers depend more on the study materials to help the child prosper in…show more content…
One possible course of action can be, people who are passionate about being teacher or professors and have authentic degrees can teach students in China. Students in India can also be helped in this way, to improve their skills. They can be taught different types of skills need and where and when they are needed. The degrees in China should be made authentic and legal by the government.

Another course of action can be, youth travelling and studying abroad and taking degrees there. This will help them crucial skills and reduce the very large population of China and India. Students who have graduated can also spread awareness about unemployment and how it’s affects their lives. They can ofcourse return back to their home countries, to do jobs their and educate more and more people.

A last course of action can be the government of India and China cutting their taxes. This will allow the people to spend more in the country to buy resources and this way the economy of the country will grow. And when the economy of the country grows there will be enough money to develop and make schools and hire efficient

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