Factors Affecting Employment Relationship

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When an employee starts a new organization, there are many external and internal factors that impact on the employment relationship.
One external factor is the state of the economy, in recent years various economies has experienced a recession. This has impacted businesses and large organization in many ways; one example is the case of layings-off, organizations can no longer afford to keep all staff. The anxiety of job security leads to poor performance and overall organization performance impacted because of recession. On the other hand where economy is booming and plentiful jobs are available, in such cases employees are happier overall and their behavior and performance reflect that. A positive work environment help employees to be more productive and happy; hence performance and employment relationship succeed well.

A second external factor is the social impact, i.e. unemployment, immigration, family-related issues and others related. For example unemployment is a prospective social risk factor, which creates anxiety among employees and they fail to take risk which impacts overall growth of employee and organization. Another example is immigration which can lead specific skill non-availability in longer term, therefore employment contract required certain changes and impact on employee and employer relationship. One of the most common social
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Meeting with redundant employees individually is sensitive matter, therefore plan the meeting and HR professional should take notes, the theme of meeting should be in consultative manner, HR professional should then consult the employee and listen to and consider what he or she says to you. If the employee's redundancy position is confirmed, HR should then notify the employee of this decision and of his or her right to appeal your decision and give notice of termination of
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