Factors Influencing The Family Essay

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INTRODUCTION Family is one of the key ingredients of achieving development in a country. This topic introduces you to the sociological study of family in attempt to broaden your understanding of families and personal relationships. There is a variation of the term “Family.” People have a very individualized view of the family and different sources define it differently. Births, deaths, marriage, adoption, divorce, can alter how you define family. Family can be defined as a group of people related to one another by blood, marriage, or culture. It is also called a social institution because it unites individuals into cooperative groups that oversee the bearing and raising children, and as a social institution puts in a set of norms to connect an individual with the rest of the society. FUNDAMENTAL SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE FAMILY STRUCTURE AS AN INSTITUTION 1. Social: whether there is only one parent and if there are two, whether the parents are married or not which affects the stability of (financial) child support and this is where legislation (e.g. some European countries) comes in to magnify the role of marriage and responsibility towards the child ( ren) 2.…show more content…
But the moment you realize that someone is trying to interfere into your personal space or life, the Ultimate Power in you will help you stay focused in spite of the negative forces around you. You will be open minded and other factors influencing you won’t matter, this will help you unleash the unlimited power within you. You have been given the power to develop ideas and exercise free will and that energy can only be fully realized with a keen sense of who you are and the fulfillment your desire. Take self-judgment and the judgment of others out of the equation of the decision-making process and you’ll experience the ultimate power of personal development and
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