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Gun Control and Societal Factors Surrounding it Gun control is a heated topic with many opinions only further complicating the matter. But one thing is clear: people are dying and nothing notable is being done about it. Schools appear to be at an elevated risk for gun violence, as troubled students have access to weapons of military caliber. If nothing gets done, our nation’s tragic history will only escalate; if something is done, however, many will insist that regulations “infringe” their rights to bear arms. Gun control is riddled with controversy and varying opinions only complicate the matter, but there is a larger picture being ignore. Gun control is more than the victims, though they are a representation of what is needed to change…show more content…
Equality has come a long way, but there is a lot more that must be done for all to be considered equal. Until then, race will be a component. Our society, as the conflict theory states, is in constant conflict due to limited resources. White men are in power and have been throughout our known history. They continue to stay in power while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves. Minorities are not given the same resources as the dominants members of society—including education, food, clothes, and other necessities in our modern society. Because of these differences, it is not difficult to conclude that life a minorities’ life circumstances will be much different than someone from the dominant group. Filindra (2017) questioned how whites, Blacks, and Latinos are looking to evaluate the upshot of self-interest, political values, and racial prejudice on current gun…show more content…
There is so much that goes into these debates and many fields that must use their resources to get a solution: this would only be the start. What appears to be the easiest way to handle the debate, is the most complicated because career criminals will find a way around the legal system. There are certain criminals that are very intelligent, it’s difficult not be when your entire career revolves around law evasion. According to Coates (2017), law enforcement has a run for their money when dealing with the staggering legality of guns throughout the United States. There are free boarders from state to state, which makes criminal transportation easier. Coates (2017) stated that as gun laws stager from state to state, it is not difficult to conclude that those who illegally buy and sell guns in a strict state obtained them from a state with looser regulations. The staggering gun laws are overall flimsy at best. The mass amount of gun-related injury and death only shows that something must be done about these “regulations.” Is the right to carry something that can be made into a machine gun as important as letting countless individuals
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