Factors Affecting Human Behavior

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The topic of this assignment is to discuss and analyse what factors affect human behavior and in doing so how human behavior is shaped. But before discussing that, it is important to understand what human behavior is.
To define it in a few sentences or words would not be sufficient as human behavior consists of many factors and therefore contributes majorly to who we are as a person. But to put it simply, it is defined as all actions and emotions that an individual portrays in response to the different kinds of stimuli they receive no matter whether these responses are conscious or subconscious and voluntary or involuntary (Merriam-webster.com, 2015).
Behavior cannot be defined as permanent. It keeps changing overtime with regards to one’s social experiences and how they have developed as a person from birth through adulthood, although their personality and temperament may be more consistent as those are fairly hard to completely change and refine no matter how much a person wants to or a person should. Those can only be slightly altered so those aspects of their behavior can be found to be more consistent (Brief, 2015).
So basically to sum it up, human behavior is the manner in which one conducts themselves which allows others to have an insight into the person’s mind, as to what the person’s attitudes, values, culture and beliefs are as these factors influence the way in which an individual behaves. However, on the other hand, one also commonly hears society saying how
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