Factors Affecting Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is a contemporary form of slavery. It is also termed as modern slavery, which is very much prevalent in today’s world. The increasing rate of human trafficking worldwide implies the serious loss of human rights and the continuing marginalization of women’s roles in the society. It is because mostly women become victimised due to this modern form of slavery. There are several factors which have accelerated the rate of trafficking. Following are some of them-:
2.1 Poverty- Poverty is one of the several factors that make individuals vulnerable to trafficking. People who are living under poverty line are forced to be trapped by traffickers in order to escape the harsh realities of their
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There is high demand for sex workers due to which traffickers target the vulnerable people. Prostitution is working as a base for the growth and rise of trafficking. Pornography is factor acting like a catalyst for human trafficking. The Freedom Youth Project Foundation reports that thousands of children and young adults are trafficked to make pornographic films. Pornography plays a vital role in creating climate in which violence and sexual exploitation of women and children boost. Pornography is prevalent and destructive which is tolerated and tacitly encouraged. We must acknowledge that pornography is a root cause of human trafficking and fuels the demand for more victims of…show more content…
It includes depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders, suicidal tendency and somatic conditions including disabling physical pain or dysfunction. Trafficked persons are mentally exhausted, humiliated, afraid and lack the self-sufficiency required to disobey their trafficker and escape victimization.
3.3 Economic exploitation- trafficking causes huge exploitation of trafficked persons in economic sphere of life, that compels them to remain in slavery. Rarely victims of trafficking have decision making power in respect of payment for their services. Trafficking of human beings is one of the major ways through which victims are forced to render their services in slave like condition. They are confined within the ambit of performing their duty of fulfilling the demands of traffickers and not entitled for having any say in payment of charges to be paid in lieu of services rendered by
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