Factors Affecting Ict Education In Fiji

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Topic: Factors affecting ICT Education in Fiji

Name: Jyotesh Shelvin Mani
ID: 2011004978

The major objective of this research project is to find factors affecting ICT education in Fiji and how these factors can be overcome. The research will look at
 Importance of ICT education
 Factors that affect ICT education teaching and learning from two point of views
1. Students
2. Teachers and lecturer
 Advantages of ICT education

Information and communications technology (ICT) as defined in “Technopedia” refers to all the technology used to handle telecommunications, broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, audio and visual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions (Janssen).
In this modern world of fact evolving technology and infrastructure, it has become essential to have knowledge on how make use of this complex and rapidly changing technologies to make work, studies and life simpler. This can be achieved by having knowledge in ICT which can be attained in school from primary to tertiary level in Fiji. ICt education is important and it applies in most or all fields of study in this modern age. It does not matter what field of study or work ICT education is a must as use of this knowledge will required. Either it be for typing a book or doing surgery using sophisticated technology knowledge of ICT is

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