Factors Affecting Job Interview

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There are many actors affecting interviews. The first factor is first impression. First impression is very important when the applicant is having an interview session. For example, if you’re dress smartly, you might influence the interviewers’ mind that you’re a person who a very particular about appearance. Next is misunderstanding the job. It is very important to the applicants to know about the job before going to the interview session. Failure to do so, the interviewers might think that you’re not ready for the positions and do not prepare enough for the interview. The other factor is candidate attitude. The applicants must be polite, well behaved and seems confident when facing the interviewers. But remember;
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The first steps involve job analysis. In this step, the HR unit will write a job description with a list of job duties, required knowledge, skills, abilities, and other worker qualifications. The second step is to rate the job’s main duties. Here is to identify the job’s main duties. To do so, rate each job duty based on its importance to job success and on the time required to perform it compared to other tasks. Step 3 will be to create interview questions. HR unit have to create an interview question based on actual job duties with more questions for the important duties. Step 5 will be to create benchmark answers. This steps is important as it will give a quick glance about the applicants. For each question, develop several descriptive and five point rating scale for each, with ideal answers for good (a rating 5) marginal (a rating 3) and poor (a rating 1). The last step is to appoint the interview panels and conduct interviews. It consists of three to six members, preferably the same ones who wrote the questions and answers. The same panel interviews all candidates for the…show more content…
There are 4 proposes of application form, which is; as a record of the applicant’s desire to obtain a position, it provides the interviewer with a profile of the applicant that can be used in the interview, it is a basic employee record for applicants who are hired and it can be used for research of the effectiveness of the selection process. There are two types of application form which are online application form and biographical information blanks (BIS).
Online application form
Online application form is An Internet-based automated posting, application & tracking process that helps organization to more quickly fill positions by attracting a broader and more diverse applicant pool, collecting and mining resumes with keyword searches to identify qualified candidates, conducting screening tests online, reducing recruiting costs significantly and candidates are required to fill in their particulars online.
Biographical information blanks

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