Factors Affecting Migration

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EXTENDED ESSAY WORLD STUDIES TO WHAT EXTEND THE FACTORS OF POVERTY AFFECTS THE INCREASING IN THE RATE OF MIGRATION FROM ABROAD TO MALAYSIA? NIK NURATHIRAH JUSOH A14E ACCOUNTANCY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Such a very great thank you I wish to my advisor, Puan Mazwiyan Binti Amran who has been very patient all this while to guide me in doing my research. Furthermore, this was her first time supervising in World Studies Extended Essay. I’m very thankful to have her as my advisor since she put her full commitment even though she actually is a Physics teacher. She have been helping me so much. Then, to all of my friends who never stop supporting me even though I almost felt like giving up. Doing the proposal in the first time introduce me to the hectic…show more content…
This research will cover the factors of migration – is poverty the main factor of this issue or there is another hidden reason for them to migrate from a place to another? There might be several reasons why they chose to work at other place instead of their own place. Furthermore, those who migrated from rural areas to urban areas are increasing the cost of their living. Why do they prefer to live in a high cost town rather than low cost in rural areas? Are they finding job opportunities or a high payment job? All these questions will be answered in this…show more content…
However, there must be the main reason or factor affects them to migrate to another places and even another country. They may be having a hard life in their original places in many aspects and poverty could be one but to what degree it affects migration rate? In my own hometown, Kota Bharu, there are a lot of Siamese everywhere. Most of them are women vendors working at Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. This is in a very specific angle. What about the migration that happened all over the world for example from Indonesia to Philippine? This issue not only stopped there, but are widening in other countries too especially involved under-develop countries such as Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and many more. This is a global issue where this issue is happening worldwide not just to certain and particular

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