Factors Affecting Nursing Health Assessment

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Factor impact nursing health assessment
There are many factors contributing impact the quality of a nursing health assessment. It includes nurse knowledge and competency in nursing field in presenting health problem and stability of patient. Communication barrier can impact nursing health assessment as inability nurses to communicate with patient and family due language difference or present of appliances as ventilator or tracheostomy on patient. It will have limited communication. Physical limitation related to environment, growth and development variation, cultural implications, effect of medication. Example when patient inadequate medication or absence of medication and absence support from family member will impact the assessment. Decision on treatment will delay and contribute limitation time and resource. Patient discomfort like anxiety, fear and nervous can predispose impact factor nursing health assessment.
Assessment tools
Lately assessment tool are used widely by all healthcare practitioners to help in their assessment role. The aim assessment tool is mainly to help find out certain information which may not be assessing during initial observation, depend the care for the patient and medical intervention. The tool usually having score system and care of the patient or intervention depend on the score. While using tool assessment help in choosing patient to be accommodated in the intensive care or high dependency units as limited space available. Assessment tool

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